Flatbush Tenant Coalition Joins Historic Women’s March on Washington

Flatbush Tenant Coalition (FTC) leaders made GLOBAL history this weekend! https://www.facebook.com/FlatbushTenantCoalition/videos/1382313231842481/ Together with MILLIONS of people across the country and across the world, FTC took to the streets of our nation's capital this past Saturday (Jan. 21st, 2017), marching in solidarity to let the world and our new administration know that we will never stop fighting for [...]


‘Brooklyn Tenants United’ Makes Historic Progress in Fight for New & Improved Housing Court Building

Last Monday, October 24th, Brooklyn Tenants United (BTU) made history on the road to justice for tenants by holding the first Brooklyn Housing Court Taskforce meeting!  With this meeting, we created the first-ever platform for tenants to have a voice in decisions about Brooklyn Housing Court. Flatbush Tenant Coalition was expertly represented at this inaugural [...]