Eviction Protection

*However, this law is not universal. An exception is cases where the landlord alleges that the tenant’s ongoing behavior disturbs other tenants or that the tenant is creating a safety hazard. Also, Upstate the landlords and courts are ignoring these protections all together.

Case Study B

If you have been impacted by COVID financially in any way or if moving would pose a health risk to you or your family, you can delay your eviction or eviction case until at least August 31st!*

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Document Your issues

Get your RENT HISTORY from our NYS housing agency, DHCR:

  • Text “RENT HISTORY” to 646-783-0627
  • Or Call 718-739-6400
  • Fill Out Our Repair form

    We will:
    1 – Send a letter/email to the landlord about your issues
    2– Apply for a rent reduction for reduced services
    a. Individual Apartment
    b. Building-wide issues

    Call 311

    • 311 is the city’s information hotline.
    • They are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    • If you have any repair issues, calling 311 will keep those complaints on record until they are complete!

    Look Up Your Building

    Who Owns What – Has all the resources for your building in ONE place!

    other resources

    Connect with Brooklyn Legal Services

    • (718) 237-5500
    • Hotline: (917) 661-4500

    Housing Justice for All

    Housing Court Answers hotline

    • 212-962-4795

    Right to Counsel NYC

    Reach out to us if you have any question!

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