NYC Tenants, Elected Officials, Advocates Testify in Defense of Rent Freeze

Flatbush Tenant Coalition Opposes RSA Lawsuit

As you might know, a few months ago the deceptively-named Rent Stabilization Association (RSA) — the biggest LANDLORD lobby group in NYC — sued the Rent Guidelines Board (RGB) over our hard-won rent freeze.  The RSA claims the rent freeze is illegal because the RGB has no right to consider affordability and tenants’ hardship in deciding whether a rent adjustment is justified.

Today, January 31st, 2017, tenants from the Rent Justice Coalition will testify in court to defend the rent freeze.

Flatbush Tenant Coalition joins other tenants, advocates, and elected officials in defending the RGB’s rent freeze against the RSA’s unjust lawsuit.  Here’s what some of our tenant leaders had to say in support of the rent freeze:

“Poor people are finding it hard to pay the rent. If we have a rent freeze, we will be able to pay our rent more comfortably.” -Paulette James, Tenant leader

“New York has become really expensive. People are still living on minimum wage — struggling — working three or four jobs. Rents are still high. We need this rent freeze because of that.” -Marilyn Charles, Tenant leader

“[A rent freeze] is necessary because tenants’ salaries have not increased to match the cost of living. Residents are traveling from one food pantry to the next just to survive and feed their families. All of this is to counteract the cost of living and pay their rent so they won’t be evicted.” -Marietta Small, Tenant leader


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