Powering Through the Fall: Flatbush Tenant Leaders in Action

Ready or not, the fall season is upon us! Here’s a quick recap of the Flatbush Tenant Coalition’s busy yet rewarding September:

Renters National Day of Action

Flatbush Tenant Coalition leaders numbered among more than 150 people gathered on September 22nd in front of the Barclays Center in downtown Brooklyn to protest the impact of gentrification and soaring rents on the lives of working people in New York City.

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Flatbush Frolic Fundraiser

On Sunday, September 25th, the Flatbush Development Corporation hosted its 41st Annual Flatbush Frolic Street Fair. The Coalition table was absolutely electric as tenant leaders sold delicious homemade food to raise money in support of our fight for tenants’ rights!

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FTC Receives “Champion of Justice” Award

Flatbush Tenant Coalition leaders were honored by Brooklyn Legal Services on Monday, September 26th as recipients of the 2016 Champion of Justice Award. The award recognizes FTC’s advocacy work in the community.

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Making Progress in the Fight For Repairs

Tenant leaders at 125 Lenox Road successfully won a Rent Reduction recently due to decreased services by the landlord. The two rent reductions collectively cover 19 tenants and represent tens of thousands of dollars that tenants have saved since the landlord has neglected essential repairs.

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Redoneva on the Radio

Tenant leader, Redoneva Andrews, is a woman of many talents! Click the audio stream below to hear Redoneva’s honest poem about the greatness of our next generation:


Flatbush Tenant Coalition recognizes the many voices, faces, and contributions of our dedicated tenant leaders. YOU make our progress possible!





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