Housing Justice Organizers “Converge” at Mayday Space in Brooklyn

Dry-erase markers, post-it notes, a wealth of lived experiences and multimedia resources served as the weapons of choice on Saturday August 20th at Mayday Space in Brooklyn, where housing justice organizers gathered at the Citywide Convergence Against Displacement for reinforcement in the fight against gentrification and tenant displacement.

rachel right to city bk mayday

Rachel, a leader with Right to the City, articulates a vision for change rooted in the fundamental belief that housing justice solutions must be sought after outside of a capitalist framework. [Photo credit: Flatbush Tenant Coalition]


casa leader bk mayday
Fitzroy Christian, of CASA and Housing Court Answers, addresses why he believes that gentrification can be stopped. Encouraging solidarity, Christian says though it will be tough, housing justice advocates will see progress in the long term if we remain united. [Photo credit: Flatbush Tenant Coalition]

Flatbush Tenant Coalition leaders — Valerie, Jennifer, Gordon, Elizabeth, and Jean — along with team members Karl, Alejandra, and Aga — joined forces with countless other New York City renters, organizers & artists in Bushwick to discuss successful approaches and unique organizing models for confronting displacement. 

jenn speaks bk mayday

Flatbush Tenant Coalition leader, Jennifer, shares her family’s experience with landlord harassment. Jennifer reveals that she fears displacement, and is concerned she and her family will no longer be able to stay in brooklyn. [Photo credit: Flatbush Tenant Coalition]


karl bk mayday

Team member, Karl Valere, analyzes an interactive “Map of the Movement” that focuses on strengths of the housing justice movement, as well as areas of growth, points of intersection with other NYC issues and place-based organizations. [Photo credit: Flatbush Tenant Coalition]  


blm justice bk mayday

A decorated NYC renter plots a point on the map where he lives. The interactive map also featured housing organizations and the neighborhoods in which they serve. [Photo credit: Flatbush Tenant Coalition]


eliz val jenn jean gord bk mayday

Coalition leaders, Elizabeth, Valerie, Jennifer, Jean and Gordon were in attendance at the Citywide Convergence Against Displacement inside the Mayday Space. Valerie sends a message to unscrupulous landlords and predatory equity real estate developers. [Photo credit: Flatbush Tenant Coalition] 


gordon ftc mayday

Flatbush Tenant Coalition stalwart, Gordon, focuses his attention on information being shared during a breakout session that discussed effective strategies with respect to Rezonings in New York City. 


“The affordability crisis in NYC is extreme as landlords and real estate developers make huge profits while pushing us out of our homes and neighborhoods,” said event organizers of the Mayday Space.

“Although there are dozens of amazing local groups and citywide coalitions fighting displacement, our campaigns and our communities can feel isolated from one another.”

We truly had an amazing time sharing best practices for confronting gentrification & displacement; building community over delicious food (courtesy of the Mayday Kitchen Collective); and drawing from our collective creativity to broaden the housing justice movement.

Keep in touch for information about the upcoming National Renters Day of Action on September 22, 2016 in New York City. 

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