Flatbush Tenant Coalition Joins Advocacy Groups at Brooklyn Museum for Community Forum on Anti-Gentrification & Displacement

On Sunday, July 24th, 2016, the Flatbush Tenant Coalition represented Flatbush tenants at the ‪‎Brooklyn‬ Community Forum on Anti-Gentrification and Displacement inside Brooklyn Museum!

The free event, organized by MTOPP – Movement to Protect the People, proved to be a wonderful & powerful display of solidarity through art, expression, advocacy and dialogue.

Watch this short video produced by NYU Journalism Graduate student, Diego Lynch, featuring members of the Flatbush Tenant Coalition:


It was a dynamic afternoon of performances, panel discussions, small-group conversations, and more, all exploring the effects of gentrification and displacement on New Yorkers, specifically communities of color.

Flatbush Tenant Coalition’s very own Iva, along with Patrice and her family, stop for a quick photo opportunity at Movement to Protect the People’s Community Forum on Anti-Gentrification & Displacement inside Brooklyn Museum, Sunday July 24, 2016. [Photo credit: Flatbush Tenant Coalition]
(Left to right) Coalition leaders, Maria, Ruth and Marie field questions about tenants rights and rent-stabilization at the Community Forum on Anti-Gentrification & Displacement inside Brooklyn Museum. [Photo credit: Flatbush Tenant Coalition]

Guests also learned about successful strategies led by people of color to protect and preserve their neighborhoods. Information tables hosted by anti-gentrification and displacement advocacy groups such as FUREE, Semillas Collective, Citizens Defending Libraries provided by community groups will be set up throughout the afternoon.

Rob Robinson (top left), co-founder of Take Back the Land, sits down with a small group of event guests during breakout sessions at Brooklyn Community Forum on Anti-Gentrification and Displacement. Robinson moderated a panel discussion entitled, Effects of Gentrification and Displacement. [Photo credit: Flatbush Tenant Coalition]

Alicia Boyd (middle left), a community activist with Movement To The Protect the People, addresses a breakout group at the Brooklyn Community Forum on Anti-Displacement and Gentrification, Sunday July 24th, 2016. Boyd served on a panel discussion entitled, Successful Strategies and Stories on Rezoning and Development. [Photo credit: Flatbush Tenant Coalition]
Professor Tom Angotti (top right), Director of the Hunter College Center for Community Planning & Development, speaks with a small breakout group at the Community Forum on Anti-Gentrification & Displacement. Angotti led a panel discussion entitled, Successful Strategies and Stories on Rezoning and Development. [Photo credit: Flatbush Tenant Coalition]
Havanna Fisher (top right), an artist and Harlem native, shares her experiences with a breakout group. Fisher spoke on the Effects of Gentrification and Displacement, referencing  Dr. Mindy Fullilove’s literary work, Root Shock: How Tearing Up City Neighborhoods Hurts America, and What We Can Do About It. [Photo credit: Flatbush Tenant Coalition]

Organizations from Brooklyn and beyond made it crystal clear that we are here, we’re pushing back against displacement and gentrification — and we’re not going anywhere.


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