White supremacist violence & our fight for housing justice

The last few weeks have been difficult ones, to say the least.  As we struggle with this pandemic that has disproportionately hit our black and brown communities, we have also witnessed unbelievable violence against black men and women committed by police forces and white supremacists across our country and right here in Flatbush. As we demand that our city, state, and country stop the violence of evictions and homelessness, we demand our governments hold accountable the people, police/military forces, and institutions responsible for the death of George Floyd and the countless others before him. 

Please join us virtually today at 1pm, together with Right to Counsel and Housing Justice for All, to discuss the relationship between police violence, private property, and our fight for housing justice.  Email us at ftcoalition@gmail.com if you’d like to join and we’ll send you the info.

We will hold space to process what is happening around us,  and hear from Communities for Police Reform (CPR) about their fight to repeal New York’s police secrecy law 50-a, which shields police officers’ misconduct from the public. 

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