March Meeting Recap: How To Get Repairs & Advancing Our Campaigns

“Tenants who keep excellent records and work together as a group have a much better chance of getting repairs.” -Dubois Thomas, Organizer

Find out what else we discussed at this month’s Coalition meeting!

It was standing room only again at our Coalition meeting this past Saturday (March 11th, 2017), with almost 70 tenant leaders, members, and visitors talking about effective strategies for getting repairs!

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The bottom line: lay the foundation by documenting the problem (311, letters to your landlord, photos, rent reductions, etc.) and then bring the teeth, like this consent order in an HP Action (your court case for repairs).  Make it a group case together with your neighbors and your power builds!

Visit our Facebook page for more photos from March’s Coalition meeting.

Coming soon:  The Flatbush Gardens Tenant Association and the Flatbush Tenant Coalition are jointly hosting an immigrant rights forum on Wed. March 29th, 6:30 pm at the (brand new!) FGTA Community Center.  With legal advice/information by experienced immigration attorneys from Brooklyn Legal Services and the Urban Justice Center.  More info & flyers soon.

#FlatbushTenants #FlatbushPower #StayInBrooklyn #BrooklynIsHome

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