NYC Tenants Plan Halloween Rally To Stop Predatory Equity ‘Corporate Bloodsuckers’

A message from the Flatbush Tenant Coalition:

This Halloween, Monday, October 31st we’re sending a message to City Hall: it’s time to stop Predatory Equity Corporations in their tracks.  

These ‘corporate bloodsuckers’ have squeezed thousands of affordable, rent-stabilized homes out of our community and made tens of thousands of families homeless.

A new York City renter holds up a  “Keep Affordable Housing Alive” sign at a tenant rally in downtown Brooklyn for the National Renters Day of Action. [Photo courtesy of Flatbush Tenant Coalition]

At 9 a.m. we are joining other NYC tenant groups on the steps of City Hall to tell City Council they must pass two proposed bills.  These bills:

  • Force the city to reveal who these corporate bloodsuckers are, and
  • Legally recognize their CONSPIRACY TO HARASS (forcing these slumlords to prove otherwise, finally taking the impossible burden of proof off tenants)
Photo courtesy of Flatbush Tenant Coalition

These two bills were introduced by Councilmembers Jumaane Williams, Torres, and Garodnick.  We want City Council to know we stand behind these bills. THEY NEED TO SEE A CROWD!

Councilmember Jumaane Williams is a co-sponsor of two bills — Intro 1210 (‘Owner Watch Lists’) and Intro 1211 (‘Conspiracy to Harass’) — which seek to  expose the predatory practices of city landlords. The bills are scheduled to be heard on Monday, October 31st following a tenant rally at City Hall. [Photo courtesy of Flatbush Tenant Coalition]

The bills will be reviewed by City Council at a hearing immediately after the press conference – if you can, join us for that as well!  We’ll march over to the hearing (across the street at 250 Broadway) immediately after.

#FlatbushPower #FlatbushTenants #RentJustice #AffordableHousing #HousingIsARight #FairHousing #AntiHarassment


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