Flatbush Tenant Coalition Candidate Forum Recap


On June 15th, the Flatbush Tenant Coalition held our 2013 City Council Candidates Forum. Candidates running for Council in the 40th, 41st and 45th districts making up the Coalition constituency, were on hand to answer questions ranging from the make up to the Rent Guidelines Board to campaign financing, After School funding and city budget priorities.  District 40 candidates John Grant, Saundra Thomas, Sylvia Kinard, and current Council Member Mathieu Eugene were in attendance as were  District 41 candidates Kathleen Daniel, Al Jackson and Bryon Wright and District 45 candidates Erlene King and Jean Similien.

With more than 160 Coalition leaders and tenants in attendance, the coalition demonstrated our resolve toward being an active and vocal participant in the fight for tenants rights as well as a mobilizing force in that regard. This point was struck home by Coalition member, Curt Thompson when he forcefully cautioned the candidates on complacency toward our mission by saying:

Step out of your nice cozy office and walk through this district.  Ask questions. You’re supposed to serve us… We will hold you accountable; we will hold your feet to the fire.  We are watching you… our votes are not easy… You have to WORK for our votes.”

Remember the Primary Election is September 10th. The Coalition will continue to push to show our strength and mobilization abilities to get tenants educated on the issues and to the polls in large numbers. From the response of community media, we are well on our way.


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