Join the Movement!

Below are some of the ways you can help join the movement. You can…

  • Form a tenant association
  • Support our work
  • Become a partner
  • Sign up for our newsletter
  • Join a campaign
  • Explore job opportunities
  • Explore volunteer opportunities

2 thoughts on “Join the Movement!

  1. Hello,
    My name is Heath Wade. I am the Founder/ CEO of, an online community organization platform. The platform is designed to strengthen community based organization, ex; tenant associations. I recently had a meeting with the policy director of the Brooklyn Borough President, and he suggested that I give you a call to see how we can work together.

    Please email or call 917.952.7868


    Heath Wade
    Founder/ CEO
    Truhawk Foundation

  2. My name is Anthony Johnson. Last year my apartment was burglarized by the property superintendent. At the time of this burglary he used a master key that was provided to him by management to access my apartment. Upon my discovery of this burglary, I reported the theft to the police and the superintendent. The super was arrested, indicted, convicted and ordered to pay restitution in the amount of $5000 for jewelry he stole from me. I was also given an order of protection for 8 years. Because the awarded restitution did not fully cover the appreciation value of the items he stole, I filed a Small Claims suit against the owner and property manager for negligently hiring and supervising their employee. After attending Small Claims court for 8 months, the judge dismissed my case without a reason. During the course of going to court, the Defendant’s attorney cited that if I were awarded any monies from the suit, that I would essentially be “double dipping.” He also stated that the owner and property manager were not responsible for their employee’s criminal actions against me, because they were outside the scope of his employment. As part of their counter suit the owner and property manager filed a slander suit against me for sharing what had happened to me with my neighbors. Fortunately, The judge also dismissed their counter suit of slander. At present I have not received a penny in restitution from the Superintendent. I was informed this week by his probation officer that he has serious medical issues and is not working and most likely will not be able to make any restitution. The owner and Property manager have also now filed a $5000 commercial claim against me for their legal fees. They have cited a clause in my lease agreement that I signed 15 years ago with the previous original owner, which they state claims I must pay their legal fees for any court action (for whatever reason) they have to defend. Were it not for the criminal actions of their employee, I would never have filed a suit.

    Since this incident occurred, I have lost my jewelry, lost time from work, not had any real peace of mind and now have begun to realize that I may never ever be compensated for my losses. I have also learned first hand the unrelenting emotional drain, pain and hardship that accompanies being a crime victim. The fact that the owner and property manager are now seeking to further re-victimize, harass, discriminate and sue me for their legal fees for a crime their agent committed is almost as unconscionable as their employee entering my apartment with a key they provided him and victimizing me in the first place. Do you know of a Tenant Attorney who would represent me in Lindenhurst Long Island. I would be open to any suggestions you have. Thank you. Sincerely, Anthony Johnson 631 889-4678

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